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Hello and welcome!

We are
Chad and Cheryle Collier, and are located on a 10 acre farm in central Florida, where we
have been raising and breeding collies since 1998.

We take great pride in the puppies we have raised here,and approach the title of "breeder" with great seriousness, dedication and honor. 

Our foundation dogs have all been carefully selected by researching their pedigree lines, identifying the lines that contain the qualities we look for, then have chosen every dog individually for the outstanding traits they each possess. Upon achieving the satisfaction of the breeding selection, much consideration is then put into each litter, choosing the perfect sire and dam to compliment each others best features.

We have since then added to, taken way from, and in an effort to strengthen this wonderful breed, have now taken the best of the best and produced the finest and ultimate outcome:  A BEAUTIFUL PALMHAVEN COLLIE! 


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