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                                                  GENETIC TEST RESULTS:

                                                    CEA: NORMAL/NORMAL
                                                    PRA: NORMAL/NORMAL
                                                  MDR1: NORMAL/MUTANT
                                                       DM: NORMAL/CARRIER

Report Date: 01/15/2015

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Palmhaven's Seeing Is Believing

Name: Palmhaven's Seeing Is Believing
AKC #: DN370682/01 Breed/Variety: Collie
Birth Date: 06/02/2013 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black White & Tan
Breeder(s): Cheryle Collier

Royal Star Tru-Vu Law Of King Triton

DN220530/01 08-10
Black White & Tan Black & Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V596984 Wil-O-Lanes Your Honor
DL899129/01 08-04
Sable & White
OFA30F AKC DNA #V491270 Wil-O-Lanes Deny Justice
DL749415/01 03-02
Sable & White
OFA44F Wil-O-Lanes Polar Explorer
DL574160/06 10-98
White Black & Tan Markings Wil-O-Lanes Polar Bear CD
D566875 12-88
Black White & Tan Wil-O-Lanes Winter Witch
DL461942/03 06-95
White Sable Wil-O-Lanes Jurisprudence CDX
DL499950/04 10-98
Sable & White CH Twin Oaks Lawman
D891700 01-91
Sable & White Welwyn Pine Hollow Critique
D621675 01-94
Sable & White Sylva Sno Love Me Truly
DL808064/02 03-02
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Mr Newman
DL558355/03 12-97
Sable & White
OFA66E Wil-O-Lanes Frankly Welwyn
D956517 01-91
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Blue Lagoon
D957928 01-91
Blue Merle & White Van-M Ticket Punch
DL673471/04 01-00
Black White & Tan
OFA39G CH Valiant Dark Sultan
DL460816/02 06-94
Black White & Tan
OFA31G AKC DNA #V130586 Van-M Tickee Tickee
DL580003/02 10-96
Sable & White
OFA37G Desiree Tru-Vu Sabina
DN075804/04 12-06
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Viewmaster
DL861109/01 07-02
Sable & White
AKC DNA #V246856 Desiree Viewmaster
DL439184/03 09-94
Sable & White
AKC DNA #V204862 Wil-O-Lanes Chill Of Winter
DL268323/01 02-92
White Sable Desiree Pizazz Of Wil-O-Lane
D690294 08-89
Blue Merle & White Wil-O-Lanes Tru-Vu Brandy II
DL725798/04 04-01
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Tru-Vu Boozer
DL559608/05 04-98
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Tru-Vu Skyler
DL534473/01 04-98
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Judge's Gavel
DL803335/02 03-02
Sable & White Wil-O-Lanes Blizzard Wizard
DL505018/06 09-95
White Sable
OFA104G AKC DNA #V181030 Wil-O-Lanes Chill Of Winter
DL268323/01 02-92
White Sable Wil-O-Lanes Winter Moonlight
DL342202/04 05-93
White Blue Merle Markings Wil-O-Lanes Jurisprudence CDX
DL499950/04 10-98
Sable & White CH Twin Oaks Lawman
D891700 01-91
Sable & White Welwyn Pine Hollow Critique
D621675 01-94
Sable & White 
Palmhaven's Seeing Is Believing
Black White & Tan
Palmhaven's Blue Tipped Jasmine

DN310728/11 10-13
White Blue Merle Markings
Palmhaven's River Runs Deep
DN240314/04 09-11
Blue Merle
Stirling's Romancing The Blues
DN123800/03 04-07
Sable & White
AKC DNA #V457047
Garwoods Blue Horizen
DN028047/01 12-04
Blue Merle White & Tan
AKC DNA #V320267
Garwoods Poco Diablo
DL904771/02 10-02
Sable & White
Candys Golden Firewalker
DL807277/02 10-01
Sable Merle & White Sable Merle Markings
Blu Sky's Curves
DN065807/02 02-06
Sable & White
Crimson's Braveheart
DL636562/01 08-98
Sable & White
CH Bit O Heaven LH Miss Liberty
DL837180/03 08-02
Sable & White
Stirling's Ma Zaja
DL897443/01 02-03
Blue Merle
AKC DNA #V331191
Z Valley's Maxamillion
DL802872/16 03-01
Sable & White Sable
Chataignier's Colossal Jolt
DL742642/05 12-99
Sable & White
Lady Carly Chataignier
DL471265/02 05-94
Sable & White
Z Valley's Maddison Mae
DL803087/01 03-01
White Sable Merle Markings
Lacy's Christmas Cowboy
DL715617/01 05-99
Sable & White
Pat's Im A Silky Blue
DL598920/06 07-97
White Merle Blue Merle Markings
Palmhaven's Branded Lady In Black
DN208169/03 08-09
Black White & Tan
Palmhaven's Marvelous Mover
DL890930/01 08-02
White Sable
Shymali's Mikie
DL751900/08 09-99
Black White & Tan
Wolf Manor Wind Chimes
DL590605/02 04-97
Sable & White
Kolliewood Manors First Lady
DL632231/07 10-98
Sable & White
Raini's Caleigh
DL549863/01 09-99
Sable & White
Karousel White Line Fever
DL322438/03 01-92
White Sable
Mereese's Onyx Cameo
DL374656/01 12-94
Black White & Tan
Palmhaven's Amazing Grace
DN067112/07 05-06
Black White & Tan Black & Tan Markings
Tampas Mango Tango
DL894674/05 11-03
Sable & White
Arthur Edward
DL643750/03 09-99
Black White & Tan
Guinevere Rose
DL726634/05 09-99
Sable & White
Mangos Dixie Darling
DL898264/05 11-03
Black White & Tan
Wilshire's Keeper Of Hunter
DL466545/01 10-94
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V172848
Wilshire's My Girl Tawny
DL683460/07 02-99
Sable & White

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